How to get tickets to the Harry Potter play

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Finally in London in order to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace theatre. What a joy to do such thing with kids and husband, allthough most visitors were grown ups.

The play takes a full day, but with several breaks and a dinner halt, where you mustn’t  forget to book a table in advance somewhere in the surroundings.  

Now, tickets are of course more or less impossible to get hold of, but there is a secret way, relatively expensive but not as bad as buying on the black market: 

Via the official web page of Palace Theatre, they also bundle show tickets with hotel nights. And in that quota, you will find weekend tickets when everything else is sold out.
[Something to bare in mind when Hamilton will soon have it’s opening in London.]
So we stay at Amba Charing Cross; perfectly situated with good standard rooms, unusually kind service and a nice breakfast restaurant overlooking the Strand. 

 Lord Nelson at Trafalgar Square is, as you may see on the pic, overlooking, making sure that you do enjoy the very english breakfast. 

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