A favourite fruit, with some great travel memories attatched.

A mango moment at Kandohlu, Maldives
Elias, the biggest mango lover in our family enjoys his breakfast in Khao Lak, Thailand
Fruit moment, of course including mango, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mango and rasberry sorbet go well together. Here at Amorino, Paris, France. All Amorino’s ice creams are natural, eco, and just excellent.
Fresh mango, perfectly ripe, bought at NK food market in Stockholm, Sweden, yesterday. Used today when making webb-TV in my house. The story I told during filming, well one of them, was about me secretly picking a lovely little mango in the hotel gardens of Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal, at dawn, when nobody saw me. I thought…
Sweet Huvafenfushi, Maldives
Kandohlu, Maldives before they ran out of all fruit apart from pineapple.
I’m not going bananas, but mangofied

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