Life on stilts, Angsana Velavaru

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Ansana Velavaru in Dhal atoll has really sexy over water villas and 100 percent guarantee of seing whale shark only a short boat ride away

A bath? Well in the bath tub, in your private infinity pool or in the Indian Ocean with corals?
Friendly sea turtles are just wonderful when they hoover around
Angsana Velavarus over water restaurant is really beautiful.
Mattias outside a beach villa at Angsana Velavaru.
Well just jump in and meet Angsana Velavaru fish, corals and turtles
At Angsana Velavaru, you either stay on the island (much less expensive) or in an over water villa. most people combine. The lagoon in big so you take a boat to snorkle at the house reef.
Over water villa with own sala and own infinity pool. A private one, that is.
On the way to the over water villas for a short visit

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