First steps to Bali – and God

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Bali. I have only been twice, but it’s hard to describe how deeply the place got under my skin. First, and mostly, there is such a different culture, hardly impossible to grasp for a visitor. Religion is everything: an own hindu variation which means constant ceremonies for everything from weddings to metal machines. There is litteraly one ceremony every day on the island and I had the pleasure of visiting my guide and friend Senadas village and family to participate at a smaller religious ceremony and watch a bigger ceremony in the neighbouring village. A very warm and strong experiece.

All ceremonies include offerings; fruits, flowers etc and everybody dresses up in traditional clothes. Afterwards, everything is taken home, i.e. not wasted.
Every hotel has an altar or small temple. it’s simply wonderful. Here Seminyak beach resort. A nice hotel.
Close to Ubud, in the middle of rice fields there is one of the most beautiful hotels I ever visited: Puri Wulandari, outside Ubud.
And don’t miss the small guest houses where you have a room with some other guests and the family.

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