I am right now writing a big feature from our trip to Seychelles in January. 

1. The 115 islands differ a lot, there are choraline islands and granite islands – that’s where you find the famous granite rocks – inner islands and outer, private, marine parks and one hotel islands…and old customs and culture also varies; dances and so on. Therefore, the ideal way of visiting Seychelles is Island hopping. At least three islands, maybe four.

2. First time visitors: why not start with the main island Mahe. The capital Victoria isn’t so exciting, but the 63 beaches…oh. Anse Royale and Takamaka are nice ones, but they all are. 

3.I would check out Clef des Iles at the beach of Beau Vallon if you want some nice, hipster ambience and self catering.

4. I also tried Constance Ephelia, huge resort with mountains, several beaches and their own mangrove forest where you may paddle. 

5. Then move on to Praslin, and the groovy favourite Paradise Sun. An ideal place to relax, bike and walk the looong white beach of Côte d’Or. Don’t miss the famous and unique Coco de Mer. When peeled, the female looks like the womens behind. And the male part…just guess.

6. The cool and relaxed island La Digue has hardly any cars. Everyone bikes and it’s just great! La domaine de l’Orangerie is a famout +4star hotel, but Le repaire may be more cosy.

7. Ending the holiday, I would go to Denis island. Ecological, beautiful and self sufficient thanks to the own farm.

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