I have only eaten in a two star Guide Michelin once or twice before, but today was the time: Ulla the photographer and I decided to invite and offer ourselves to a lunch at the famous La Bastide de Capelongue in Bonnieux, Luberon in Provence. Food was truly fantastic and very neatly presented. Really artistic and beautiful, which goes for the location as well. Service uneven and occationally unmistakeably frenchy snobbish, mixed with some really sweet waiters, but this is probably due to the Grand Chef Edouard Loubet, who has a reputation of being as gifted in the kitchen as he is difficult and unkind to his staff, so they never stay more than one season. #visitfrance #atoutfrance #lottiesworld #capelongue #bastidedecapelongue #bonniuex

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