The lakelands of Ireland

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For those of you who have already seen the Irish coasts, or who seek less exploited areas of the island, I can recommend the lakelands and waterways of Ireland: the river Shannon and its side waters and canals, where Lough Derg is the biggest lake. 

The River Shannon has been a gateway and water highway to the heart of Ireland for thousands of years. You can basically go on a boat from the west coast, or from Dublin, up to the north – on a boat. Many people start their river cruising in Killaloe on the banks of Lough Derg and continue up to Athlone or Belleek. 

And the means of boat transport and lenght varies between one hour guided viking cruises to having your own luxury self-catering motorboat for ten people, making stops in the small villages to buy food and maybe visit the local pub. #lottiesworld #visitireland #silverlinecruisers

Killaloe early in the morning, pic taken in the gardens of the Lakeside hotel in Killaloe, nice hotel but in need of refurbishment.

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