“There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun…”

You hear that song, not only from the many street artists and musicians in the French Quarters, but also echoing when exploring this beautiful, decadent and, dare I say, exciting town.

New Orleans is not only attractive thanks to it’s sunny and warm climate, quite humid actually; bring light clothes, but due to it’s architechture and cultural heritage. Jazz was born here and this town never misses a opportunity for celebration: Mardi Gras and the Jazz festival are only two highlights. There is a festival every month of the year, not to mention year round weddings with live music and dance on the streets.

They say that the French Quarters best sides start in the lobby of Hotel Monteleone. So check in to a hotel that has provided chic and historic accommodations for travelers to New Orleans since 1886. Stepping outside, you will find Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, the French Market, and the Riverwalk, where you can watch the steamboats on the Mississippi River.

Now I did not stay at Monteleone, but at close by Sheraron. I nevertheless did overlook the roof top pool of Hotel Monteleone – and I will definitely go there next time. If Monteleone is too expensive, try charming 905 Royal hotel or The Cornstalk hotel, both on Royal Street in the French Quarters.

The most famous street, Bourbon Street, is quite noisy with lot’s of bars, consequently drunk people. But we did enjoy ourselves popping in and out of some very good bars with live music, like Fat Cat’s. 

Otherwise, you just stroll around, try the famous Muffuletta sandwich at Central Grocery, coffee and donuts at Café du Monde or Café Beignet, local oysters and seafood in some small bar and then have dinner at excellent Brennan’s or Commanders Palace.

And most of all when being in New Orleans: admire and enjoy the unique local architecture with creole, colonial influences, shaded porches and balconies with ornate wrought-iron railings, white rocking chairs on those South American oak tree shaded verandas.

A total must is consequently getting on the charming and antique New Orleans cable cars (trams). Especially the one going towards the Garden District on Charles Avenue, lined by oak trees. Just enjoy the ride and watch the houses and mansions grow bigger and prettier until the whole area literally stinks of money: the displays of wealth get to the point of near-gaudiness towards Loyola University and Audubon Park, but it’s still one of the most fantastic architechtural trips I have ever made.

See you on New Orleans, or NOLA as we call it;) I’m off for an exciting cruise on the Mississippi river. #lottiesworld #noblecaledonian #neworleans

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