Cruising on the Mississipi

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“Ol’ man river”, is the tune that comes to mind when we enter the brand new paddle wheel river cruiser in New Orleans. As we move out, this broad, more than 3 700 kilometers long river impresses by it’s vivid cargo traffic and classic towns such as Baton Rouge, Wicksburg and Memphis.

We go to the swamps looking for alligators, learn more about the civil war, slavery, cotton and sugar production and visit beautiful plantations. And we eat local creole and cajun dishes such as gambo, crabcakes and oysters. 

And all these experiences are enhanced thanks to highly interesting daily lectures, that really help you understand anything from the physics and nature of the Mississippi river to US politics and cajun food habits . #noblecaledonia #lottiesworld #neworleans #mississippiriver

3 Replies to “Cruising on the Mississipi”

  1. Hello Lotti,
    what a wonderful trip we had on the Mississippi River in autumn last year. It was nice meeting you and I hope you had a safe trip back.


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