Herbal gardens turned into Michelin Star delight

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La chassagnette, Camargue, Provence, France

Out on the sun dretched plains and wetlands of Camargue, there is a gourmet haven named La Chassagnette.

Let’s listen to the legendary, anonymous Michelin Guide testers, giving La Chassagnette one star:

“This isolated mas is a magical place! The chef creates elegant cuisine that is seasonal and makes use of organic produce from the kitchen garden, giving a wealth of natural flavours.”

(A mas is by the way the french word for a country house farm in Provence, and La Chassagnette was in fact an old sheepfold, then turned into a mas.)

Anyhow, all is now turned in to an ultra chic, hipster-botanic-dream, yet hyper rustic garden with a restaurant.

Just read La Chasagnettes description of how all the home grown vegetables from the gardens end up served in such esquisit ways. Even if you don’t speak french, it’s art. And poetry. If you did spend some time with your french irregular verbs, it’s even better.

“La CUISINE intuitive d’Armand Arnal se façonne au rythme de la nature : épurée pour accéder à l’harmonie essentielle, subtile dans sa sobriété fertile. La main du jardinier passe à celle du cuisinier pour mener avec intuition le MENU qui souligne sans contraindre les goûts de la nature.”

Can’t taste but excellent.

We tried the vegetarian lunch menu, and juat loved the in-between fried Zuccini flowers, the dark pink gaspacho made of red beetroots and green mangold, just to tease you a bit.

But it does sound better in french, right?

First course: Gaspacho de betterave, pulpe de pack choï & sésame.

Second: Jardinière de légumes, crème de riz, pesto de moutarde. 

Dessert: Parfait de verveine, rhubarbe pochée, crumble de noisettes & verveine.

Do as the hip crowd from Paris and all foodies from the surrounding area, do visit  www.chassagnette.fr 

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