Menorca, Spain

“Menorca either attracts, or rejects you”, my new connection Alberto Dieguez tells me.

He came from Gallicia 40 years ago and never left the island, so he should know. Feeling nearly too attracted to Menorca, I of course had to ask more, specifically, how it’s possible that Menorca rejects people?

I honestly can’t think of anything as pastoral and bucolic as those inland, lush hills covered with oak and pine woods, scatterred by grazing cattle (providing milk to the famous Mahon or Menorcan cheese).

Or the turquoise coves with the iconic boats; it looks as they are floating on light blue-green oxygene whilst you only see their shadows on the white sand bottom, not the surface of the sea. 

Or – even better – the 200 kilometers of walking paths around the island; the Cami de Cavalls.

Or the brave Menorquins, fighting fiercly for the cultural and environmental protection of their island, against commercialisation and exploitation. (They managed very well indeed!)

Now, Alberto Dieguez talks about the Northen winds, driving people crazy wintertime. In Menorca this wind is called the Tramuntana. In France, they call it Le Mistral. According to Alberto, Menorca therefore has the second highest suicidal rate in Spain. He talks about the particular energy from the very soil, that island carma  which rejects or attracts.

I am sure it’s correct, even if in my case, Menorca’s energy works like a magnet, attracting me to the island so strongly that I’m already planning my next trip here.

Those poor guys feeling rejected may leave their space to me, and some other souls in the attracted-crowd. Despite feeling sorry for the rejected, the joy of feeling the energetic Menorcan bonds takes over. 

If you can fall in love with an island, I think I may be on my way. See you soon, love:)

Best rural luxury place to stay:

Best family run, four room boutique hotel:

Best Michelin-recommended and traditional Menorquin-food-with-a-twist:

Best starting point for a boat ride or walking the cami de cavalls, finding your own turquoise small beach somewhere along the southern coast:

Best hand made shoes at outlet prices:

Best Caldera de Llangosta, lobster soup: Es Cranc or Sallagosta in Fornells

Best seafood and quaint harbour view:

Cala Galdana and Melia is perfect for walks on the cami de cavalls.
Breakfast at Torralbenc, seaview rooms.
The hand made olive tree gates, s’arader, that have become a symbol of Menorca and what has given hotel s’Arader in Ciutadella it’s name.
Sa Pedrera des Pujol is Menorcas best restaurant, serving local food reinvented.
Menorcas inland is lush, pastoral and hilly.
Binissues is an old mansion transformed to a living museum, with animal, tools, people and interiors.
Cala en Turqueta, one of more than 70 coves and beaches at Menorca

2 Replies to “Menorca, is it love?”

  1. Coucou nous voici de retour à Ciutadella et nous pensons bien à vous. Nous sommes les français rencontrés à l’hôtel S’casarader Francoise et Eric


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