Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds equals quaint, blossoming, smart provincial, delightful, charming, romantic, lush, flourishing, picturesque, woolmade, eco-friendly, arresting, drystone-walled, bucolic, idyllic, natural, pastoral, colorful, photographic, pictorial, organic, pleasant, pretty, scenic, striking, ancient, antique, artful, captivating, cute, enchanting, fanciful, old-world’ish, Farrow&Ball-coloured, rural, pleasing, whimsical, green, adorable, amorous, chimerical, chivalrous, dreamy, enchanting, fairy-tale-like, fanciful, pleasing, thriving, hikers-paradisiacal, fascinating, idyllic – and simply lovely.

Cotswolds captured? No? Well, I run out of adjectives.

Please, look at the pictures. Or rather, come visit yourself!
Restaurants – and really good ones – with rooms and suites:;;;

Info: and

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