Port of Tel Aviv, Israel

Michael and Mikaela, my daughter who still regrets she didn’t ask to keep the FIKA cap
This is Michael Rothschild, selling Swedish-Israeli home made buns at the Tel Aviv Farmers Market; cinnamon, vanilla, cardamome…the buns are all equally tasty and butter-sugary tempting. And they are not only delicious, but part of a social ceremony.

Michael describes the sacred fika moments of Sweden, that he now successfully exports to Israel:
– There is not a more Swedish word than fika [fee:kah]. It’s a social institution, a cultural phenomenon, a basic human right. 

– Moving to Tel Aviv close to ten years ago, I missed the cosy togetherness-moments with friends, so I started baking the cinnamon buns that have now become my living. 

At the far end of the Tel Aviv beach, you’ll find Michael and FIKA at the Farmers Market, Port of Tel Aviv


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