Bula! That’s how you are greeted everywhere on the 330 Fiji islands. Bula, as in welcome, hello, how do you do – and hurray.

Here are a few favourites from the islands:

1. In everyday language, “beautiful, smiling and warm hearted locals” sounds as a rather worn out cliché, but what else can I do, than surrender to the broad smiles of the Fijians?

Fiji was in fact voted as the most welcoming and friendly nation and people in the world.

You won’t be able to escape the warm smiles of the Fijians or the sheer natural beauty – greenery, palms and warm, clear water.

2. Another remarquable thing is the high level of singing capabilities; we were greeted by musicians and singers already at the airport, and the staff farewell song resort was rather like a professional choir; in harmonizing voices. My heart swells when I think about it.

3. Sticking to the Fijians, you just have to visit a local village, with it’s village chief, spokesperson and school – with all those great kids who didn’t want to stop singing. (Who wouldn’t, instead of studying maths?)

4. Food and beverage didn’t stand out, apart from locally grown fresh tropical fruit and vegetables. But the influences from Asia and India will still guarantee good meals.

5. Being on the islands, you will not escape the famous cava ceremony – a local, mild narcotic, horribly bad tasting, root based drink. Cava is known to make people feel relaxed.  They say you are guaranteed to have a good nights sleep after a couple of “high tides” and you will – according to the Cava fans – wake up feeling well rested and energized. My colleague tried, and slept extremely well, at least.

5. Famous for its snorkelling and soft coral diving, coral sand beaches and pristine natural environment Fiji is a leader in eco-tourism.

On most islands, you’ll have the beaches to yourself. Our pick-nick from http://www.yasawaresort.com to the famous blue lagoon and to a deserted beach in the northern part of Yasawa Island will stay as a lovely memory forever. Snorkelling was good, more live corals than in the Indian Ocean and chrystal clear waters.

I just say Bula and hope to get back soon. http://www.soderhavsresor.se

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