Zürich, Switzerland Go to bed with legends such as ABBA, Freddy Mercury, Frank Zappa or TheWho?

Well, maybe not the same bed, since Atlantis by Giardino in Zürich has undergone a major refurbishment since the original opening in 1970.

Credits to Atlantis by Giardino
Credits to Atlantis by Giardino

But still; they all came, played, partied and slept here. As soon as this iconic, raw concrete palace – with it’s unmistakeable shapes and forms from the 1970’ies – reopened some years ago, Rihanna made a booking.

The hotel is smart, vintage, five star stylish and architecturally hyper interesting, even listed, at the foot of the Uetliberg mountain, with magnificent views over Zürich and picturesque goats grazing next to the pool area, still only 15 minutes from central Zürich.

Another listed feature is the spiral staircase; a main artery and attraction in itself.

The rock’n’roll history is still around, allthough the marks from flying strawberries, thrown on the hotels wallpaper by the members of the band Emerson Lake and Palmer, are gone. But black and white photographs of the icons; ABBA, Stevie Wonder and Coldplay are exposed on the wall. And there is still live music every other evening.

Chef Stefan @eccorestaurant

Atlantis by Giardino hosts two Michelin starred restaurant Ecco Zürich. I had my best meal ever: food brings acidity, soft sweetness and asian influences mixed with some Nordic feel as well.

And the SPA, oh the spa is The dipiù ayurveda spa, where you can even come for special sessions and medical examinations. Lovely.

So go live as the stars of music and rock’n’roll at http://www.atlantisbygiardino.ch

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