Thanks to Ahmad at Velavaru Dive, Angsana Velavaru in the Maldives, I can share this dream of snorkelling with whale sharks. They are completely kind and filter feeders; only eat plankton, tiny fish and crustaces. Dhaal atoll in Maldives is together with South Ari one of the few places where whale shark stay and can be seen all year round. 


Angsana Velavaru water villas and dhoni seen from the main island



2 Replies to “Whaleshark dreams”

    1. It’s an excursion you pay for when staying on the island, i.e. you bring who you want, pls book in advance; they are always full. Don’t remember the exact price but it’s an experience for life 🙂 pls contact Angsana directly for the price. Kind regards Lottie


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