Knights and baroque, Valetta, Malta

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Valetta, the capital of Malta, is the Cultural Capital of Europe 2017. How fair! This is Upper Barakka gardens, build in 1560’ies, once playgorund for the knights; to offer recreation to the knights of the Italian langue of the Order of Saint John.
The blue lagoon is situated just between Malta and it’s adorable sister island Gozo.
The mandatory building material of Malta: Lime stone, or sand stone as we call it, everywhere. This beautiful natural stone blends so well with the sea, ages beautifully and shifts in colour with the sunlight during the day.
An excursion or boat taxi with a luzzu, the traditional boat painted in happy colours is a must since Valetta is surrounded by the sea and three ancient cities, also based on formee islands or half islands. The three Cities are fortified and untouched since the middle ages: Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua.
Valetta, seen from Sliema please note the Carmelite Church
One of the three cities Vittoriosa Yacht Marina and it’s port.
A magical evening , Balluta Bay, picture taken from the restaurant of The Meridien

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