This is the Mediteranian island Malta with it’s green sister island Gozo, two gems not so far from Sicily and Africa.
You will find ecological, home produced vegetables, fruit and cheese everywhere on Gozo, this is the goat cheese of Rikkardu who serves home produced and home made local food at his restaurant Ta’Rikkardu at the Citadel in Victoria, Gozo.
It’s quite amazing to stay and sleep one night in a real, round Trullo house, Ta’Cenc Hotel, Gozo, Malta
Everywhere, small alleys, flowers and Madonnas, this is from Victoria

Kempinski San Lawrenz Hotel has an ideal location if you want to walk in the countryside, visit the impressive Azure Window seen in Game of Thrones or just enjoy the famous hotel spa.
Gozo has flowers and beautiful fields, that all seem to be filled with over proportionate cathedrals with giant baroque coupols.
And don’t miss Ta’Mena agritourismo, to buy fresh tomatoes, honey, wine and cheese.
The beautiful countryside just outside Victoria, Gozo.

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