White beaches and yellow canola. Bornholm.

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walking the white, white dunes of Dueudde, Bornholm, Denmark. They just continue for miles. just wihite sand, lyme grass the sea and skies.
Dueudde, Bornholm. It’s such a pleasure to discover the island: white beaches in the south, cliffs and smaller beaches in the north. Small producers of food such as sausages, cheese, jam, canola and so on.
Obe of the famous round churches of Bornholm, Denmark.
Another white beach from the south of Bornholm: Balka.
Bornholm is perfect for walks, bicycling or small car trips. The landscape is beautiful and architechture very harmonious. you don’t see the ugly houses from the 70’ies and onwards that destroy Sweden.
Canolas in the sunset.

And more canola fields. I just can’t get enough of them here at Bornholm. #visitbornholm

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