Summer in the Austrian alps

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I met this lovely man at Kleine Scharte, close to Bad Gastein in the Gasteiner valley . He first klimbed a little mountain peak that I didn’t dare to and then attended the Sunday outside messe.
Room with a view at the Swedish-Austrian-hotel Salzburger Hof. it’s such s pleasure being out all day and then, with good conscience and nice compay, enjoy a really good dinner with exellent local Austrian wines.
One of the lakes in the Gasteiner walley. There are also health wells and adventure water parks.
So many nice memories from this week in the sunmer alps.
Edelweiss, finally. But I must admit that I didn’t find this one on a mountain top, but at a small farm close to Böchstein.
A dream come true- to actually see real alp cows with their bells sounding over the valleys. i just love the Gasteiner walley and the Austrian alps in general.
There are so many paths and walks, from klimbing and trekking to promenades focussing more on nice food and wine.
#Soundofmusic here I come, in Sportgastein, close to Bad Gastein you will find several small alp hütten hosting the grazing animals. Those places also serve simpler meals , try Platte with home made bread, cheese, ham etc

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