Soller and a different transport

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In Mallorca, the little train going from Palma to Soller is a fantastic way of seing this part of the island. Not only tourists use it. And on saturdays it’s the only way, since Soller has it’s famous market that jams the whole village, i.e. impossible to find a parking space. Believe me, I tried today;) Soller is a nice town and you just have to buy newly squeezed orange juice out of local oranges, watered by fresh water from the surrounding Tramuntana mountains. There are some nice ceramics in the market, as well as local cheese, where small plastic animals show what kind of cheese it is (goat, cow or sheep). Even a tin can with paté had it’s plastic pig on it. I never saw that before. Quite cunning. The olive oil producer Can Det is close by, as well as the nature walk in Barranc de Biniaraix.

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