Where magic is no cliché: Deia Mallorca

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The word Magic may be somewhat worn out, but when you are in the Mallorquin artist village Deia, Mallorca, Spain, Magic gets a meaning. And Magic echoes around the pink-grey granite Tramontana mountain cliffs, rolls over the village of Deia, passes ancient olive, lemon and orange trees just to check-in at hotel La Residencia; More of a destination than just a hotel and where all rooms and buildings are different to each other. And where food and service is just world class (another worn out expression that simply fits in here). Here youmeet sheep, the house donkey or goats up in the olive plantations, high up the mountains. Just visit Deia, Mallorca and La Residencia, it’s magic.#signaturresor #belmondpostcards #laresidencia #visitspain

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