In vino veritas – go for the producers

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You know, I found out that if you visit local restaurants, good ones, and ask for their local wine, oil, fruit or whatever, you can then steer you travel excursions to these places. Just take a photo of the bottle or whatever and google. This will be your secret travel guide. 

After your first visit, one local producer will recommend their favourite colleagues making wine, olive oil, sausages, cheese or whatever is made in the region. 

This will enrich you holiday, even though you may need to buy a new suitcase, to bring everything home that you bought. 

Today, thanks to this technique, I ended up in Mallorcas Tramuntana mountains again. In two stunningly beatutiful valleys close to the small villages Esporles and Puigpunyent. 

One wineyard and olive oil producer is ecologic: Es Verger Esporles; absolutely lovely wines and oils, everything high quality, low volumes. And an adorable family running it. 

The other, Son Puig, is a noble mansion, and a delight as well. And also run by the same, hard working noble family, since ages. The mansion dates from the 13th century and onwards, with chapel and everything. Normal years, Son Puig also produces cherries, but this winter was not good for cherries, only for wine.

Both these wine – and olive oil – producers are to be found in fertile, lush valleys used for farming since centuries. As made for walking as well. 

Book in advance.


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