The why’s to the Mallorcan hype

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You know, the sad fall of Turkey as one of the major summer sun-and-beach providers for Europeans – in parallell with the tourism decline of quite a few Greek islands – has created a huge demand for Spanish holidays, especially the Baléaric islands. 

When I recently visited Mallorca, the authorities registered incoming tourism for the last week of May equalling the peak week in July last year. And even without the downfall of some competitors, Mallorca has it’s very strong reasons to attract: you have the production of local wines, olive oil, cheese and sausages, plus quite a few nice restaurants. 

If we continue to find reasons for a visit, or real estate purchase, the major city Palma de Mallorca is an attraction in itself, and has a large group of admirers. And you have some lovely hotels on Mallorca such as Belmond La Residencia, Fontsanta and Can Simoneta. And still, I didn’t even get to mention the beaches and some of the places where you can snorkle in really clear waters with high visibility.

Now, my only advise would be to visit low season, since July-September will be really crowded this year. #visitspain #signaturresor #belmondpostcards #cansimoneta #fontsanta #lottiesworld

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