In bed with two british sisters – and the Queen

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When I go somewhere, I want to get that genuine feeling of the country. So when visiting London, what could be better than the warm, welcoming and very comfortable beds at the two sister hotels Rubens at the Palace**** and it’s tremendously posh sister, Hotel 41 *****

Both hotels are very british indeed, in Victorian settings, serving afternoon tea being overlooked by oil paintings of the Royal family, with oak panelled walls, heavy textiles and really, very good service and truly welcoming staff.

Both Rubens at the Palace and Hotel 41 are neighbours with Buckingham Palace: top floors have views over The Palace, at least parts of it, and full view in shape of the Royal mews and horse stables. 

Rubens at the Palace is more family oriented, a little less expensive and bigger, still only some 80 rooms, all different. Children are so warmly greated, it was really touching to see. My Potterheads, Harry Potter fans, had the most tremendous ‘magic letters’ from staff – and enchanted wands as gifts. And that treatment is given all Potterheads, if you give the hotel notice of your passion prior to arrival, of course. (Magic has it’s limits even here; service levels are not at ‘mind and thought reading’ yet, so do send an e-mail in advance;)

Now the posh sister Hotel 41 is an award winning boutique hotel with 30 serein rooms and suites, very chic, and a wonderful club-like ‘attic library’ which is the lobby area but on 5th floor with free snacks for the guests. Hotel 41 is more oriented towards very well off adults, I would say.

You don’t even need to walk out on the street to go between the sisters: there is a secret door in the oak panelled walls between the hotels. 
If you fly in to London via Gatwick, Victoria station and Gatwick Express is only a few steps away. Many buses start from here as well, so just jump on a red double decker and explore London. 
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