The Ibiza luxury hippie chic vibes date back much longer than the 1960’s; the Phoenicians brought colours, silk, embroderies, sequins, pearls and gold to Ibiza +2500 years ago. I’m not sure about lashes and lace, neither the level of cool lounge bars, nor partying at the Phoenician times – but I can assure you that those are abundant nowadays, regardless if you look for crispy, white linen clothing, beach lounges or tiny lace shorts for the DJ battles outside Ibiza Town, like Ushuaia in Playa den Bossa.

Now, I’m not really into the latter, so I stick to the countryside and Ibiza town, with it’s marina and winding medieval alleys edged by the white houses that together with the light gave Ibiza it’s nickname The White Island.
1. Choosing a hotel is easy: newly refurbished Grand Hotel Montesol has all a modern design lover could wish for: cool, tiptop, with a chic outside terrace where the ‘tout Ibiza’ sit or pass by – and a tremendously Ibiza-designed top end restaurant inside. Room 303 is very neat indeed.
2. Now, some heavy shopping…let’s start with the phoenecian gold: nearby island Formentera jeweler Enric Majoral creates the most astonishing pieces of modern art, inspired by the baléaric islands. The Majoral creations are to be found at Annibal 8.

Lisa Pomar is less expensive, not only pure gold or silver, but as creative in her design based on traditional Ibiza jewelry worn at weddings and festivities in the old days. The fashion designers behind Dolce and Gabbana are so in love with the Pomar creations that they use them on the internarional catwalks with the latest Dolce and Gabbana creations. Cool.
3. If you fancy the indie style, don’t miss Ibiza Code at Calla de la Cruz 21. And clba Adl; more Ibiza laces and ruffles can’t be squezed in any gament or shop. 
After some interior design, maybe at Can Pascual and necessary purchases close by, of local produce such as the famous Ibiza salt or coffee, hunger for food and drinks normally hits in.
4. Then follow the young and trendy tourists: install yourself for a drink on a colourful cushion on the medieval stone steps at s’Escalinata, Carreer de Portal Nou. The views of the city are for free, as well as the exercise climbing up the pedestrian streets to the heights of the town. 

Then, do it like the locals, stroll down again and queue for a table at fantastically well perserved Bar San Juan, Guillem de Montgri. 

5. Finally, you are probably just dying to get to know the real history behind the phoenicians in Ibiza. How lucky that there is the Muséo Arceologico C/ Via Romana 31 where you may find out the old ways of life in Ibiza town, as well as in the incredible Museu d’art contemporani d’Elvissa (Ibiza in catalan) with real fine art and the spooky (if you suffer from vertigo) possibility to actually walk, on glass, over excavations – streets, rooms etc- from the old phoenician homes. Very interesting experience. #GrandHotelMontesol #barsanjuan #sescalinata #majoral #pomar #ibzcode #adlib #visitibiza #visitspain #signaturresor #ibizatravel

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