Ibiza: Cas Gasi – like visiting a friends hacienda

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What a joy to indulge breakfast ouside, with the soft scent of jasmine flowers, a rooster crowing from some distant farm -maybe calling out for the house chicken walking freely in the huge lands of the hotel – and the blue pool and hilly Ibiza landscape in front of you. 

Cas Gasi is not only like coming home to your old friend, it’s also discovering olive plantations, home grown strawberries, almond trees, tomatoes, arrichokes, pomegranates and just about everything one can grow in the fertile, red soil of Ibiza. Organic, of course. Lovely staff will show you everything, if you ask them.

Because it’s time to forget those images of techno and party Ibiza, which is easy if you avoid San Antonio and Playa d’en Bosa. Cas Gasi is something completely different; a small, countryside hotel with 12 rooms or villas to be found in Ibiza’s inner lush, hilly landskape. Still only 15 minutes to the beaches. I would say that Cas Gasi is the perfect place to relax, go for biking and walks – plus get rid of all old images of Ibiza.

The restaurant is an organic heaven with Cas Gasi fresh produce; often harvested from the vegetable garden, cooked with a light touch and love. I tried lobster, caught in the sea the same morning and live and kickin’ before my eyes, and the famous Méjico Lindo: a special dish of the house with tomatoes and avocado direct from the onsite garden, combined with a marinade of lime and tabasco and a smattering of coriander. A delight for the taste buds. #lottiesworld #casgasi #Ibizatravel #visitspain #visitibiza

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