Collecting beaches? Sooner or later, when in Seychelles, you start to collect beaches:  your favourite beach, the one with the clearest water, the most beautiful granite boulders, exciting snorkelling or simply the one with your best interpretation of which shape a certain granite boulder may have; elephant, sea lion, giant tortoise, soldier or something more…body like?

So let’s start on the main island of Seychelles: Mahe. What you have to remember is that Seychelles is an island nation, consisting of 115 islands. They are either montaineous, that is the granite islands, or flat so called coral islands. On the granite islands, you will find the famous grey, sometimes nearly pink boulders: the giant iconic, rounded cliffs that are iconic and so typical for the Seychelles.

So let’s start the collection of the most attractive beaches on Mahe island. Here is my top five easily accessible beaches,  Mahe, Seychelles. #masons#visitseychelles #hummingbird #lottiesworld

Anse Royal has crystal clear and calm waters: a favourite of many locals as well.
Let’s go to Anse Louis and Anse a la Mouche next, close to the luxurious Maia hotel. Be careful not to bump in to any celebrity, such as Prince William and Kate. They say, at least.
Welcome to Grand Anse, the longest of all Seychelle beaches: 10 kilometers, but not for swimming far out due to currants.
Port Launay, Constance Ephelia. Great beach, somewhat crowded om Sundays but really nice snorkelling just outside the beach.
Anse Intendance is to be found close to the beautiful Banyan Tree hotel. Sometimes waves but really lovely beach.

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