Biking paradise – La Digue

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There is this very special island on Seychelles called La Digue. It’s a cool, warmhearted hipster island where everybody bikes, if they don’t use ox charts but that’s rare today.
On La Digue, you will also find the worlds – or at least the Seychelles – most photographed beach: Anse Source d’Argent. I don’t need to mention that you of course take your bike to Anse Source d’Argent also, as well as back to yourguest house or hotel.
Talking about hotels on La Digue, there is only one big hotel here, but I would skip it and go to tiny Le Répaire, an affordable boutique hotel with eight rooms, 16 in november, a flowering garden, italian restaurant and perfect beach location, allthough the best thing with Le Répaire is the warm hearted and kind service with Nico and Zeny as the front runners of all welcoming services of the world.
If your budget is smaller, or you just want to do self catering in an apartment, have a look at Cabanes des Anges with it’s five great apartments, pool and gardens. Or Domaine les Rochers: clean, fresh and very nice both of them.
Now, when you have biked north, as far as you can get after having found your favourite beach on the way, have a fresh coconut (juice) Chez Jules. Your renwed energy will start your planning process and make sure you come back to La Digue again and again. #lerepaire #ladigue #visitseychelles #hummingbird #cabanedesanges #domainelesrochers #chezjules #lottiesworld

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