Wildly luxurious:Six Senses, Felicité,Seychelles

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Having been in tourism, transport and hospitality all my life, it’s not very often that I have to pince nyself and try not to stay mouth wide open too long. Without succeeding, that is. But this is the case, here at newly opened Six Senses Zil Pasyon at Felicité island in the Seychelles.
Or as the hotel general manager said welcoming me “This is Jurassic Park without the park “.
And yes, Felicité is truly genuine and wild, even in Seychellois terms. Bare in mind that the pink-greyish granite boulders decorating the island – one thinks it’s on purpose, done by some over active giant island stylist – date back some 750 million years. 
Consequently, it won’t come as a surprise that sea turtles hatch here, when they don’t fool around in the shallow waters surrounding the beaches of Felicité island. It seems as the turtles don’t want to leave. And why would they? If I could afford it, I would most certainly bring my family and stay forever.
Regarding the ‘Jurassic Park without the Park’ comment,  it’s a really good description; Felicité is a wild island, even situated in the national marine park. The beautiful, huge villas are perfectly integrated in the djungle, flanked by the granite boulders, white beaches and turquose waters.

The Six Senses spa, opening late February 2017, is meticulously integrated in the surroundings, of course with a spa pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. You will even have treatment rooms inside the boulders. Never saw that before. [You may now start to grasp why I still can’t close my mouth.]
There are several djungle walks on the island, and they all end either on a desert beach or at the mountain top, providing excellent photo opportunities of The marine national park and the neighbouring islands La Digue, Coco Island, Grande Soeur, Petite Soeur and Praslin in the distance. 
Or you borrow a canoe and paddle over to tiny Coco Island for an underwater tour with your mask and snorkle, allthough snorkelling around Félicité is as good. One just has to know that there is an aboundance of exotic and colourful fish, but that the corals are quite damaged, as everywhere in the Seychelles.

Now Six Senses food is as always more than excellent: eco, bio, light but tasty with foreign starring chefs often flying in. You may even dine inside the wine cellar, allthough for me, being from the cold North, that is not tempting at all.
Now I need to keep quiet for a while, working hard on trying to close my mouth. And that’s about the biggest effort any guest has to submit to at Six Senses Zil Pasyon, perhaps apart from opening the wallet.

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