Hygge deluxe at d’Angleterre Copenhagen

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Hygge. All anglosaxons know the Danish expression by now, and Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit, hygge hunting along narrow cobbled streets, often lined with timber frame houses, secret courtyards and stores crack filled with Danish design, smørrebrød, cinnamon buns, candles and wool plaids.

Eventually, the need for some high level rest and relaxation will appear. And that’s where Denmarks top notch luxury hygge hotel comes in to the picture. 

Here, at the starting point of the pedestrian street Strøget and the beginning beautiful Nyhavn, the square Kongens Nytorv hosts the 18th century d’Angleterre palace. [Kongens Nytorv is an oddly unfinished hole-in-the-ground construction area since and until eternity, but that’s another story.]

The history goes way back, more precisely to 1755, when Hotel d’Angleterre was established, even if the building in todays shape more or less comes down to 1795. 

The white palace is now as a legendary institution in Copenhagen. Last time I was there, princess Mary just passed by for a reception and fashion event. Most of us have passed d’Angleterre and just wanted to sneak in for a puff of hygge and high level luxury. Well, next time, why don’t you? 

There are three major luxury hygge assets in the hotel, apart from the Guide Michelin restaurant Marechal, where breakfast is gorgeous and offers more or less everything included in the Danish hygge taste bud tradition: salmon, pastries, patés, real Krug champagne, hot chocolate and my favourites; fresh avocado and blueberries. (I know, not particulary Danish nor local, still quite hygge to me;)

First deluxe hygge asset: In the inner parts of the hotel, there is an open fireplace surrounded by comfy armchairs, sofas and some of the astonishing and innovative floral arrangements that are such an important part of d’Angleterre. 

Open fires are, as all hygge hunters know, a must. Enjoyed with a glögg, mulled wine, winter time.

Secondly: the beds and pillows are knock down comfy in the design wise rather traditional rooms. Remember now that we are in the luxury segment, so traditional is not pejorative, it’s just soft pastels, heavy silk curtains, wall to wall carpets thick enough to swallow your feet and art. All in classy harmony.

Third, and maybe best of all, at d’Angleterre: the spa, named Amazing Space by Laura Bonné. This haven was voted best spa in Denmark, and consequently attracts at least one third of it’s customers from residents in Copenhagen. I tried a short facial with head and shoulders massage, and the therapist had that precise touch and feel that made me come out rejuvenated and happy. Hotel guests enjoy the swimming pool, sauna and steambath for free.

And while at the spa, don’t forget to buy a pot of the best selling hydrating face mask by Laura Bonné to bring home. I forgot, but that’s only, and yet another, good reason to come back to the hygge haven Copenhagen and Hotel d’Angleterre. 

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