Delights in Deia: Belmond la Residencia

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Oh what a delight to stay in the hillside town Deia, Mallorca, preferably off season since all the Mediderranean countries are at their best during spring and autumn. 

And being in Deia, a stay at Belmond La Residencia is a delight and a must. The beautiful old manor is tucked in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains on Mallorca’s breathtaking north-west coast. 

First morning, you will wake up in your marvelously comfy bed, in a room decorated in classic Menorquin style, dark wood furniture, matching fruity-pastel colours including the bowl of fresh fruit and flowers. Everything harmonizes with the surrounding gardens sprawled with roses, lemon trees and jasmine. 

In order to catch the sunrise, you don’t have to get up too early here at Belmond La Residencia: it takes a while for the sun to pass over the mountaintops behind the hotel. So before enjoying breakfast, including freshly squeezed Soller orange juice, do take a walk along the warren of buildings that is the Belmond La Residencia. 

Enjoy the fact that everything is built in local stonework, thus fits seamlessly into the mountain scenery, and the knowledge that the oldest part of the hacienda dates back to the 16th century and still hosts the old olive press once worked with donkeys, now part of the restaurant, El Olivo.

Now walk up the mountainside, still on the vast grounds of Belmond La Residencia, and get to know the ancient olive trees in the grove that still produces the best of virgin oils. 

All old olive trees have their own carachter and personality – and they tell stories for those willing to listen. You may also meet the house sheep and donkeys, even more communicative than the old trees;)

Continue to climb. Then, enjoy the scenery; the lush valley that stretches all along to the blurry pastels where the sea meets the sky in the horizon.

Watch the sun rise and paint the village of Deia in golden nuances. First, the church on the top of Deia emerges from the shadows, and as the sun rises further, the rays reach the lower parts of the tiny village. 

Finally, the sun kisses Belmond La Residencia, where the hotel lies sprawled across the hillside: the palmtrees, turqoise pools and the terrace now bathe in sunlight. Breakfast may now be indulged outside. I can assure, you will enjoy. 

And that goes for the rest of the day as well, going for a complementary boat trip, playing tennis with views of the sea, letting the kids enjoy a donkey ride through the olive groves and your partner indulge in the on-site award winning spa. 

Top up with delights such as really good service, the three swimming pools, an outdoor jacuzzi, a gymnasium, the hotels own art gallery as well as a boutique shop, La Tienda, and everyone agrees that Belmond La Residencias facilities are second-to-none.

In fact, you will have difficulties finding a better hotel i Mallorca. A stay is a pure delight, Deia delight.

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