Zermatt, Switzerland

My perfect weekend consists of a beautiful train ride over the Alps, from Zürich to Zermatt; a car free* village – what a lovely treat to get rid of all ugly and smelly cars – and quaint town nestling at the foot of Matterhorn. 

Allthough Matterhorn is not the highest of Swiss mountains, it’s certainly the most awesome with its pyramidal peak of 4478 meters. Matterhorn has become one of Switzerlands national symbols and people come from all over the world to capture it; most with their camera but quite a few climbing.

Arriving in Zermatt, just wrap yourself into 160 years of hospitality at Mont Cervin Palace http://www.montcervinpalace.ch/en

I just loved the rustique, yet luxurious chalet-look and the fact that so many rooms face the Matterhorn. Food is excellent. In fact, already the ski room is state of the art and worth a detour. 

Even if Zermatt is many skiers favourite, I prefer the Alps in summer. Using Zermatt as your centre of summer hiking is therefore a great choice.

My favourite, and I’m certainly not alone, icon picture is capturing the Matterhorn reflection in one of the many lakes surrounding Zermatt.

In fact, the Matterhorn is omninpresent in Zermatt and will consequently release your spirits in one of the most picturesque and well perserved Swiss villages of all, in an already harsh competition.

The iconic mountain is watching over the ancient Zermatt buildings, lush and flowery walking paths and surrounding lakes.

If in winter, just powder the famous ski slopes in white snow, instead, and you’ll get it. https://m.myswitzerland.com/en-us/home.html; http://www.zermatt.ch

* You may even pay for a a horse carriage to pick you up at the train station going to the hotel, even if the distance is only some 700 meters. Normal cars are forbidden in Zermatt. Only electric  vehicles are allowed in the center of town.

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