The Chedi. A luxury destination in itself.

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Andermatt, Switzerland

Arriving via the main entrance at The Chedi, this is what captivates the eye.

The Chedi Andermatt calles itself the best five-star deluxe hotel in Switzerland. Having been voted Hotel of the Year 2017 by GaultMillau and winning most of the prestigious awards there are in hospitality and design, who would argue against?

But I would rather call the Chedi a Deluxe Destination – a place you never want to leave, until maybe running out of Switzer Francs – with a surprisingly harmonious and modern mix of Alpine and Asian influences.

A small part of the main bar of The Chedi.

One of the things that strikes you immediately on arrival, is that there are more fire places than rooms and suites, 123 to be more precise. Rooms and suites, that is. Every room has it’s own fire place, and guess how you light it up? With the Ipad that comes with the room. 

The Chedi Andermatt is to be found at the heart of the Swiss Alps, 1,447 meters above sea level.;

In summer, you swim in the heated pools, in the outstanding spa and in the surrounding lakes, not heated, the latter;) 

The main swimming pool.
A small part of the spa.
The heated outside pool is also open year round.
One of the surrounding lakes of Andermatt, this one Arnisee, pic: The Chedi.

After having visited the lovely local museum, Talmuseum Ursern, and hiked the  paths around Andermatt; I particulary recommend Unteralp Rundweg, you just retreat back to your luxury destination The Chedi, considering never to leave again until forced to.

No room is smaller than 50m2 and they all have fire places. Pic credit to The Chedi.

PS Since walking in the alps is excellent excercise, as well as skiing in winter, you may enjoy the top nodge restaurants without hesitation. A bliss. DS

Breakfast is such a joy, with fresh strawberries, rasberries and blueberries. Plus a million other items hard to resist. Pic from The Chedi.
All the Asian chefs are native from Thailand, Vietnam, India etc European and Suiss cuisine is of course also served. Pic: The Chedi.
I tried the Asian testing menu, OMG. Exquisite. Pic: The Chedi.

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