Let’s say you buy a 12 hectare peninsula. Not any peninsula, but a plot of land in the tropical island state Seychelles. A hilly half-island, embedded in djungle, surrounded by great expanses of white sandy beaches, decorated with the mandatory occational granite boulders that have become the signature of Seychelles.

Let’s say you have the splendid idea of creating a sanctuary with 30 villas, each one 250 m. Hide them high and low, among beaches, palmtrees, mango, star fruit and lemongrass. 

Let’s then presume you provide those villas not only with infinity pools and 180° views, but with the most charming, cone-shaped hatched roofs, so that the only thing that’s visible from the shores, are those roofs, leaping out from the lush gardens like funny eco friendly party hats.

Then sprinkle your creation with lot’s of passion and warmth, and a super-luxury-all-inclusive called ‘beyond all inclusive’. This allows the guests to endulge fresh fruit drinks, champagne and asian-creole dishes wherever and however they feel like it. Or whatever they may fancy.

Why not have breakfast on the beach, dinner by the villa pool or on the helicopter platform? Or in the wine room with panorama windows overlooking the main pool and beaches?

Now, you start to get the feel of Maia Luxury Resort, a bubble of exclusivity on what feels like a separate island. No wonder Maia is the highest ranked hotel of Mahe, Seychelles, and one of the leading hotels of the world.

The magic continues as you step in to the balinese spa, totally integrated in the gardens and granite rocks. In the open air spa, you feel pampered in care and passion and leave rejuvenated.

Maia i so genuinely romantic that it’s hard not to feel a bit passionate oneself. And for sure, Maia attracts lot’s of daring darlings proposing marriage to their beloved ones, as well as honeymooners and wedding anniversaries. The rest are mostly well off repeaters relaxing and warming up to that Maia passion, where everything is possible. http://www.maia.com.sc

PS Yes passion is kind of the job of all the staff at Maia. Even if high level service is hard work and take skills, at Maia, it feels as if it comes from the heart. And I do know from the trade that staff at Maia tend to stay for a long time, which is a positive sign in a country with high staff turnover and no unemployment. And thanks, Lionel, for some of the pics. DS

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