Can you spot the difference, or “Find 5 errors” as we say in my country?

Look at these pictures from Maia;  luxury resort and spa – equally Seychelles main island Mahe’s best hotel and one of the best resorts in the world. What is lacking? Or the error?

It’s certainly not Maia, it’s just a haven of sensual beauty and pampering of the guests.

I would rather say that the difference – or lacking parts here – is not even me, floating around in this fairytale jacuzzi, allthough I am fully aware of being far from the picturesque beauty of the views, gardens and beaches of Maia.

No the lacking object would be:

1. My darling husband

2. Any darling married to me

3. My dearly beloved

4. My man

5. The rest of my family, in lack of my spouse (or maybe not the giant turtle that I adopted yesterday? Thinking about it, she may join as well.)

So just book Maia – and don’t forget to bring any romantic human object with you. Maia will take care of the rest, well, most of it;)

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