I just love picking mushrooms! 

In Sweden, The Outdoor Access Rights provide a wonderful way to experience Sweden’s woods and countryside, whether you are strolling around, hiking, jogging, bicycling, riding or even skiing. 

You are entitled to roam almost anywhere  in Sweden’s countryside and forests. But access rights do not extend to houses and gardens, and you can’t destroy – break branches etc – or disturb.

Picking non-protected flowers, wild berries and mushrooms is fine. Fishing as well. But this year will go to history as one of the best for mushroom picking ever.

The Porchini, or penny buns, litteraly jump out of the grounds – never saw anything like it – and there are still yellow  chantrelles to be found. 

The brown wood chanterelles are starting to appear as well.

It’s such a joy to be in a silent forest. Hearing the wind and maybe a distant bird. Just feel the power and energy from the trees. Finding some mushrooms is an additional treat. They must be melted down carefully and then fried in lots of butter. Add salt and pepper.


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