It’s an honour to hereby announce a formal winner of the most cosy-sparkling Santa Claus competition: London – Capital of Christmas!

Let me suggest a few musts, in order to get into the very soul of London at christmas time.

Start with having some afternoon tea, adding a glass of champagne, just because you are worth it. Either at or

Then, continue to The Strand and Somerset House, in order to try some ice skating and enjoy the current exhibition.

Feeling a bit hungry again?

Have an ale and pies at

And of course a look at their christmas tree

After a quick look at Leadenhall market…

…head even further north, to Dennis Sever’s House; a magical time capsule with smells, sounds and the souls of the 18th century inhabitant floating in the rooms. Pic credits to Dennis Sever’s House.

The christmas decorations are of course there as well.

End your London christmas day with a typical christmas show.

A panto(mime) at The King’s Head.

Then, sleep like a newborn at Rubens at the Palace,

I even got a christmas coffee in the morning. Love Ruben’s at the Palace!

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