Baros – most romantic in the Maldives

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Recently elected Most romantic island in the world* by World Travel Awards, and still going strong as one of the top resorts in the Maldives – that’s Baros, one of 1200 maldivian islands in the turquoise Indian Ocean.

Baros is spelled with B. B as in Beautiful, Bewildering and Bucolic.

Mention Baros and all Maldivians still go “wow” with admiration. No wonder, Baros made a grand opening, third out of all resorts, already back in 1972.

Since 1972, the island has undertaken many refurbishments and renovations. The hammocks are still here, though.

Even though there are even more luxurious resorts, Baros is still seen as top notch by most maldivians and people in tourism. And it IS a little gem; small, personalized and beautiful.

I love the outdoor bathrooms in the beach villas, for instance.

If you havn’t tried living over water, on stilts, you can always swop between a beach villa in the lush jungle and an ocean villa.

Two nights in each cathegory, and you’ll know any maldivian island quite well – and might have ran out of money 😉

Always make sure there is a well maintained house reef and a marine biologist on the island you book. All corals everywhere have been damaged by the bleaching in april 2016, but Baros still offers some truly neat snorkelling.

Please note the (kind) reef shark in the background, to the left of the turtle’s head. It’s a blacktip, and the turtle is one of the hawksbill turtle residents of Baros.

I have to mention the food at Baros as well. It’s really, really good. I mean, excellent. And I’m a little bit picky, so trust me on that one.

Above, you see the iconic gourmet Lighthouse restaurant, a landmark that you pass by on the way to several other islands.

I could sit and enjoy breakfast at Baros Lime restaurant for hours.

Then snorkle, read a book or do some yoga.

Or try the extraordinarily comfy beds if you have gotten in to the famous romantic mood of Baros. Me? You’ll find me out there, in the turquoise water.

* Most romantic island in the Indian Ocean equals the whole world.

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