A unique Christmas experience – only in Switzerland

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What do you do if you have a slack in the number of visitors just before Christmas, before the skiing season hits off?

If you are an ordinary (sorry, there is no such thing when we talk Swiss villages, most of them are adorable with very good skiing, if in the mountains) but nevertheless not the most famous one, wanting to do something very, very different?

Well, you could do as Lenzerheide did six years ago, creating The Magic Forest, Zauberwald in German: Zauberwald in Lenzerheide is an enchanted forest festival under the open sky.

Right next behind the village church, in the squirrel forest, the villagers invite artists combining interactive light art, sound, music and a traditional Christmas market.

The atmosphere in the squirrel forest already attracts more than 40 000 visitors during the three weeks of opening.

Starting on the 14 to 30 December 2018, the Magic Forest provides a tremendously fun and slightly psychedelic experience with interactive staged light installations, musical sounds and live concerts.

There is of course Glühwein, raclette and some other Alpine specialities.

I was anyhow enchanted by the light installations and immersed myself in a rather unique world of senses and Christmas vibes. See you in Lenzerheide, perhaps already this year, or next?


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