You just have to walk the former horse and guardian paths cami de cavalls, 200 kilometers surrounding Menorca. The landscape is so beautiful.
Here is another example of the cami de cavalls, further east and the bird sanctuary, national park and holiday village Es Grau
Everywhere at Menorca, you will find local producers of honey, jams, sausages, wine, cheese and as here dried ham.
A lunch and wine tasting, but maybe the other way around, at Binifadet is highly recommended.
Just outside Mahon, you will find hotel Artiem Carlos III. the view is really neat, rooms not too expensive and food reallly good. Book at
This is the view I told you about from Artiem Carlos III
In Mahon, the capital of Menorca, you will find super classy and traditional Nou Bar. Only open for visitors outside, club members may also sit inside. But one can peep in and have a look.
You just can’t leave the island without having eaten the Menorcan cheese, preferrably hand made and non-pasteurised. Have it vacuum-packed and bring one home.
A short stop at lovely agrotourismo Ca Na Xini

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