Malta, Valetta. No wonder Valetta will be the Cultural capital of Europe 2018. This medieval town is totally intact with small streets, lime stone buildings with painted maltese balconies and small restaurants everywhere. Casa Ellul is a great boutique hotel with some five rooms. Take the lift down from Upper Barakka Gardens and go for a boat ride to the Three Cities. A walk in Vittoriosa is really nice.
And there are some fine beaches, for example Golden bay and, here Gnejna bay
The peak of the strawberry season at Malta will soon be over, but you will find lot’s of locally produced fruits and vegetables , especially in the north of Malta.
A heritage of the brittish era (Malta was declared infependant in 1964) you still find red telephone boots, here in the fishing village and coastal town Marsaloxx.
In May, the Mediterreanian sea is still quite cold, 18° but Linn and Elias still don’t hesitate outside Westin hotel, not so far from Valetta in St Julians which is like a suburb with not so interesting modern buildings.
Lower Barakka Gardens, Valetta, early yesterday evening.
Madonnas everywhere.
The garden of Grand Masters Palace, Valetta.
All those Maltese balconies, I just love them.
Valetta yesterday evening
Traditionally painted boats will bring you to the three cities from Valetta.
At Leglins wine bar, you will have small dishes, like Maltese and Italian mezze (Sicily only 100 kilometers away) and you will really really have plenty. For 25€ per person, they just keep bringing in new interesting dishes, until you just can’t have more. Try local wines by the glass, 4,75€.
And whatever you do, don’t miss lovely family run Diar Il-Biet in Had Dingli. Locally produced food from the families fields close by. #diarilbniet

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