Adopting a Seychelles giant tortoise

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My previous four kids are not even aware that they got themselves a fifth sibling yesterday. Nor my husband.  

In fact, it was a bit of a spontaneus decision; a surprise even to me [however not that rare, at least not when it comes to the reproduction phase of human babies; you may be carried away with feelings at those occations too. Or so I heard]. 

At 14.43 on the 25th of August 2017, I adopted tiny Linn II: 350 g and a healthy, Seychellois giant tortoise. Already three months old. Following the pattern of our other kids when being babies, Linn II eats constantly, all day long. If not pooing. 

She sleeps all nigh as well. Tortoises just kind of collapse, or should I say lower their legs, and start sleeping, wherever they are. Legs out like a rabbit. In the morning, they continue feeding again at the same spot.

Since I always mix up my kids names I went for the easy solution of using our 14-year olds name, therefore our new family member is named Linn no II. 

This gives the original Linn a good reason to come and visit her sister, who will survive us all, by the way.

Janske van de Crommenacker, the conservation manager and biologist of Frégate, always measure prior to an adoption: lenght and weight. Exactly as at the nursery when the other kids were small. But Linn II did’t scream on the scales. She just tried to walk away.

The father of Linn II is unknown, not even aware of Linn II’s existance, but it could be Teo, 150 years and one of 1250 male tortoises on Frégate. Her mother is as sloppy, leaving her kids – or rather eggs – from day one, but is consequently from the other half of the total population of 2500 tortoises on Frégate. 

Janske van de Crommenacker, biologist and conservation manager at Frégate Island Private

If you want to visit Frégate and adopt too, it’s 100€ – villa and transfer excluded. The adoption cost does include a certificate and mail updates of how your baby is doing. All adoption fees are used for the numerous conservation projects on the island.

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