In the blue Indian Ocean, one of Seychelles 115 islands is called Frégate; a perfectly perserved biological phenomenon and natural reserve. Or should I call it nature preservation project – with 17 hidden luxury villas including huuuge private infinity pools.

The Seychelles is, as we all know, home to the sexiest beaches in the world. Equally on Frégate, you’ll find the iconic, palm tree fringed beaches, decorated with granite boulders. 

But on top of the beaches, Frégate has some unique attractions:

1. Thanks to having been more or less rat-free, also in the old days, Frégate is home to several indigenous species. The Seychelles Magpie Robin was saved from extinction here. You will now find 150 Magpie Robins happily jumping around the grounds in family groups. In the tropical forests on the island, there is also the Frégate beetle only found here. Plus a few hundred thousand hatching birds and sea turtles.

One of 150 Magpie robins at Frégate, pic credits to the island.

2. Frégate is the only island outside Aldabra to host close to 2 500 indigenous, naturally born, free-roaming Seychelles Giant Tortoises. You may adopt your own little tortoise, or go looking for babies in the area of Au Salon and Anse Felix, covering three hectares. When landing with the helicopter, you first think that it’s tortoise statues welcoming you, decorating the old airstrip. But it’s grazing tortoises.

3. At Frégate you’ll find a large number of biologists and volonteers who are happy to take you on a nature walk. The fairy terns nesting directly on the branches are my favourites. Babies are too cute. 

4. You may have your meals wherever you want on the island. Why not try the sunset coctail with home made snacks on Mont Signal, overlooking the ocean and whole island?

5. Frégate hosts seven awesome beaches, but only the tiny cove Anse Macquereau may be reserved by the first guest who appears for the moment. Then it’s yours as long as you wish. On departure, don’t forget to turn the sign from “occupied” to “free” at the entrance path.

2 Replies to “Frégate’s 5 unique attractions”

  1. Myself and my husband had a wonderful stay at Fregate … it was absolutely magical …. everything was amazing but most memorable was breakfast way up there in the treetops!!
    I would love to go back again one day!!


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