North island, Seychelles. It would be a shame to come here only because the royal british family, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and numerous IT-billionaires did so. Nor for the Robinson Crusoe-with-an-unlimited-budget design style, with villas so spacious that you need your butler or a compass to find the toilet. 

North Island and Silhouette behind. Most customers use the helicopter transfer to get here. Pic credits North.

It would nor even be fair to come uniquely for the dinners in the soft sand by the beach – or the turquoise ocean waters around North’s four shiny white beaches, all with the arresting Seychelles granite boulders. 

The eleven villas are all hidden behind the cabbage bushes and palm trees along the main beach. Pic credits North.
 No, I really do hope that all those guests -seeking the private and barefoot luxurious ambience of North – scratch even deeper. They will then discover the beautiful biological projects and conservation efforts done on the island. You do feel the influence from the founder of the resort, Wilderness Safaris, sustainability icons in Africa.

Thanks to the awesome conservation efforts at North, the island hosts the largest hatching population of green turtles. Pic credits North.
Hawksbill turtle outside North. Pic credits North.
 It wasn’t until attending a lecture by North’s marine biologist that I got to know the difference between the patterns in the sand of a nesting green sea turtle and a hawksbill turtle. Nor how the position of the egg down in the sand makes the difference of a male or female, or why.
West beach on North island hosts a majority of the hatching turtles. But most guests do come here to enjoy the sunsets and the beach bar. Pic credits North.
It only takes a few minutes until all babies are out of the nest in the sand and in to the water. Pic credits North.
 It’s really heart warming to hear about all the environmental and conservation efforts done at North. Not only is the original flora restored, after years of coconut farming and neglect. 

The wildlife today consists of 100 giant turtles wandering around freely, the Seychelles White-eye birds and Seychelles Blue Pigeon. Just to mention a few species. And in the sea turtle project, all nests are marked – using a coconut with dates and which kind of turtle – as a reference.

Now I must finally compliment the design on the island; this cast away-feeling with elements of wood, shells, hatched roofs and granite stones. Colours are always in the aquas, along with the sea. Service is, of course, flawless. If good for Royals, it can’t be wrong, right? So go North, and you’ll find a piece of paradise.

2 Replies to “Go North – find paradise”

  1. Hej,

    Vi lämnade North Island den 26/8, typiskt att vi missade dig. Hade varit så kul att säga hej. Härliga inlägg om fantastiska platser!

    Allt gott!

    Photo by Langqrie


    1. Oh ja! Hade varit så kul att få lite kommentaree och synen från en svensk gäst! Hör gärna av dig om jag får ta en avstämning per telefon, från Sverige, jag finns på 0706452464 Med vänlig hälsning, Lottie


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